Meet Olivia Cary – ceramics, yoga and dogs

Jul 20, 2015


Olivia Cary joined brg3s in early 2015, having come to us from Upstate New York.  She had previously worked for three years in Buffalo, New York gaining new exposure and creating a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from auto & hospitality to corporate & healthcare.  Throughout those years she developed a strong interest and solid background in healthcare design which made her a perfect fit to join the brg3s team.  This type of design gives her a sense of pride and meaning to the work she is doing and motivates her knowing that pleasant, efficient, and well-designed spaces can so greatly affect the wellness and healing of others.


Born and raised in the small farm town of Bloomfield, New York – Olivia always knew she would be leaving that small town for a big city to achieve her dreams as a designer.  Even as a child she had a passion and desire for design.  She spent her time designing and redesigning her parent’s home trying to find as many viable options as possible in hopes that one would resonate with her parents and she could watch her ideas come to life.  Over the years she has nurtured her appetite towards architecture and design receiving her BFA in Interior Design (Magna Cum Laude) from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2011.  She is currently in the process of preparing for her licensing exam (NCIDQ) and plans on becoming certified by spring of 2016.


If Olivia had not become an Interior Designer she most likely would have opened up a ceramics studio.  Olivia spends a good portion of her time shadowing a local potter in hopes that someday she will be able to have a small studio of her own.  Olivia also finds relaxation and revitalization through the practice of Vinyasa Yoga.  With her down time Olivia is at home with her husband, Nathan, and their two dogs… (A Newfoundland that traveled down from NY with them and a Collie/Lab Mix that they recently adopted from a dog rescue in Dallas, Texas).