“Slice” another unique design repurposing old doors

Nov 1, 2016


In it’s eighth year Adapt-A-Door continues to be a major fundraising event for Memphis Heritage, a non-profit organization focused on preserving the architectural heritage of Memphis.  This event challenges artists, architects and other designers to transform old doors into interesting and creative new uses.  Throughout our experience with Adapt-a-Door, brg3s continues to explore ways in which to morph old doors into beautiful and useful products that could be placed in an array of locations. Our 2016 entry is called “SLICE”.

By slicing the doors into 5 panels, the internal grain is exposed and experienced in a way that was previously hidden. While the stile sections are self supporting, the internal panels are stiffened with the addition of a wood layer matching the sectional profile of the panel and emphasizing the juxtaposition of the old vs new material.  The five panels are positioned in a staggered arrangement and connected by threaded rods and black tube spacers.  Clear acrylic shelves sit on the spacers.

Whether used as separate shelving pieces or together to delineate spaces in a room, the SLICE units will surround you with your most loved possessions.

Below are images of SLICE and of previous entries for Adapt-A-Door by brg3s.



  • http://brg3s.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/random_12.jpg