Emergency Department Expansion – Methodist South Hospital

The existing Emergency Department (ED) at this 150-bed community hospital needed expansion and renovation as well as a new identifiable walk-up entrance with a protected automobile drop-off.  One of several challenges included keeping 37 patient stations in operation throughout construction.

The existing ED blended into the massing of the hospital campus and was not easily located.  It also lacked a covered drop-off.  An unprotected, southwest-facing glass exterior at the waiting room was uncomfortable for patients and guests and contributed to the lack of energy efficiency of the building.

The new design solves both conditions.  A new translucent wall wraps the southwest exterior façade.  During the day this maximizes daylighting while minimizing heat gain and at night it becomes a lighted surface acting as a beacon for visitors. A large cantilevered canopy, slips behind the translucent wall and creates a covered drop-off for visitors. The end of the canopy is integrated with large “EMERGENCY” signage to direct visitors to the ED.  The form of the canopy is seen in shadow behind the translucent wall drawing visitors from the drop off to the reception area and into the waiting space.

Of the 37 existing patient stations only 12 are private rooms. The 10 non-acute (NA) and 5 clinical decision unit (CDU) patient stations are located remotely from the rest of the ED.  With the renovation and addition the non-acute area is incorporated into the main ED for improved patient satisfaction and staffing efficiency.  All patient rooms are made private.  The new addition includes:

waiting room / reception / security functions
2 triage rooms and  2 swing triage/exam rooms
10 NA rooms
5 CDU rooms
9-station results pending area
public corridor connecting the new addition to the existing hospital
grieving room

The multi-phased renovation of the existing ED includes:

10 routine exam rooms
3 chest pain center rooms
1 bariatric room
1 infectious disease room
1 secure hold / swing room
2 expanded resuscitation rooms
1 decontamination room

Expanded driveways facilitate ambulance circulation and vehicular access.  A new helistop for patient transport from the hospital is also part of the project.


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