Tianjin Eye Hospital – China

Employees of TRO Jung|Brannen’s Memphis office, now brg3s, worked with Tianjin Eye Hospital to consolidate all patient care, teaching, and research facilities for three existing campuses onto one site to house one of the largest eye institutes in China.

Oriented to the major intersection, the patient tower anchors the hospital on the western side of the site, and a three-story outpatient building, containing clinics and a major eye surgery operating suite, forms the eastern extent of the complex. A four-story glass rotunda joins the facility’s two wings and serves as a central lobby for all outpatient activity.

Because visual cues are important in an eye hospital, use of natural light is of prime importance. Extensive use of glass in patient units and along the north public façade provides optimum daylight to all parts of the project. At night, the rotunda acts as a lantern between the two major wings of the hospital. Internal movement between these two components flows through the rotunda on various levels depending on their individual destinations.

Services in the tower component include emergency room, radiology, functional examination, cataract and refractive surgery centers, education and research facilities. The outpatient wing houses adult and children’s clinics, optometry and retail services, and a 10-room surgery suite with required support services. The retail component has direct access to the street. Underground parking and mechanical services are provided in the basement level.


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