Hamilton Eye Institute – University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Employees of TRO Jung|Brannen’s Memphis office, now brg3s, in joint venture with Fleming/Associates/Architects, P.C., converted an existing medical building into University of Tennessee’s Hamilton Eye Institute. The Institute functions as a research partnership with a teaching component for the medical university. Six floors within the building were renovated to accommodate eye research, related eye clinics, and academic spaces. The seventh floor was dedicated to laboratory space.

Phase I of the project, partially funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH), transformed the seventh floor into 15 individual laboratories for eye research. Renovations conform to stringent NIH guidelines in a design that facilitates collaboration among researchers and clinical staff.

Phase II of the project created clinical spaces on separate floors, including: sub-specialty adult eye clinic; general adult eye clinic; retinal degeneration clinic; pediatric clinic; ambulatory surgery center; and faculty offices. The pediatric clinic capitalizes on a planetary theme to create a distinct and stimulating lobby space for children. Planets are three-dimensional with tactile surfaces to be experienced by children with vision impairments. Related spaces for treatment and consultation enhance the planetary imagery through art, nature, and enhanced lighting.

Shared facilities include a 100-seat auditorium, a telemedicine facility, skills transfer classrooms, and a computer center.

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930 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103