Women’s and Children’s Pavilion – Methodist Germantown Hospital

Guided by sustainability and the need for a dedicated women’s and children’s center, the Pavilion expands the current facilities at Methodist Germantown by 225,000 square feet and sets the standard for all future adult facilities within the Methodist Healthcare System. Designed to achieve a LEED Silver rating, the project achieved LEED Gold and is the largest LEED certified facility in the Mid-South Region and the first Gold healthcare facility in Tennessee.

As part of a relationship between employees of TRO Jung|Brannen’s Memphis office, now brg3s, and Methodist Healthcare spanning 40 years, the Pavilion represents the largest phase of an ambitious expansion/renovation project currently occurring at the hospital.

Scale, material and building forms were all taken into account during the design process of this project. The pavilion expands upon the existing hospital’s exterior design and materials which complement the traditional character of Germantown architecture. There are articulated and carefully proportioned brick facades, residential scaled windows, metal standing seam hip roofs with eaves which are all elements incorporated with a residential aesthetic in mind. The facades with brick piers and panels, sills, and overhanging eaves create a series of shadow lines that establish an overall pleasing scale. The exterior materials and material colors were designed to complement the existing campus while choosing sustainable materials.

Every effort was made to expose the interior to daylight. Even patient rooms facing the lobby were given access to outside views by extending the height of the lobby ceiling. During the day, the extensive use of glazing and the transparent covered walkway allows daylight to filter throughout the interior and exterior public areas.

The expansion also included a 600 car parking deck located adjacent to the Pavilion and connected by a walkway covered with a monumental glass canopy.

Following the new construction, phased renovations occurred to 100,000 square feet of the existing hospital for dietary, lab, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, dialysis, ICU, endoscopy, same day surgery, and non-invasive cardiology. In addition, the existing main lobby was reconfigured into a different program and the main entrance was expanded with a covered drive and grand lobby space.

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7691 Poplar Avenue Germantown, TN 38138