WKNO Digital Media Center

Employees of TRO Jung|Brannen’s Memphis office, now brg3s, designed a 40,000 square foot facility to house the headquarters of the Mid South Public Communications Foundation, Inc., the Memphis regional PBS and NPR affiliates. This modern building houses two televisions studios capable of High Definition production and broadcasting. The radio station component includes three On-Air studios, production and support spaces.

As a community funded entity, this nonprofit client sought to design a facility which fostered creativity, increased community access, and advanced the arts within its walls. With a long history of outward promotion of culture and arts through programming and broadcasting, they now have the ability to bring the community inside to experience a closer view through dedicated gallery spaces, community rooms, open production spaces and circulation paths designed to facilitate guided tours.

At the client’s request, the building is high tech and innovative. The interior spaces evoke energy and creativity through sophisticated use of natural light and color. Budget was of the utmost importance given the client’s non-profit status. With generous community support and donations, the entire project was designed and built without acquiring debt; a true testament to the community’s desire for the services they provide.

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7151 Cherry Farms Rd, Cordova, TN 38016