YoLo Frozen Yogurt Retail Shops

YoLo Frozen Yogurt is a relatively new chain of self-serve, frozen yogurt shops based out of Memphis, Tennessee. As part of their mission, YoLo provides ingredients from local farmers and bakers and space for local art in each of their locations. Employees of TRO Jung|Brannen’s Memphis office, now brg3s, worked with YoLo to develop interior layout standards and finishes for their retail locations in tenant spaces in Memphis and Collierville. The interior design features bold colors in a clean, organized layout which enables visitors to clearly follow the self-serve process. The colors are consistent with the overall branding concept of YoLo and succeed in creating a fun and inviting space for customers.

During the schematic design phase, a standalone store concept was explored. This offered an opportunity to challenge the suburban ecology using traditional strip development construction. To generate meaningful change, the design required an understanding and analysis of that suburban ecology, establishment of the form of the building in response to that understanding, and enhancement of the food retail program desired by the client.

The standalone store design expands the footprint of the retail store to allow for increased social functionality outside the building proper in contrast to typical strip mall architecture. This was implemented in the design as simply redefining the surfaces in and around the building.

Historic imagery of an ice cream parlor is also incorporated into the facade of the building, evoking the pedestrian-centric, community-friendly retail experiences of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Much in the same way, the product itself serves as an updated link to the past.

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559 Erin Drive Memphis, TN 38117