Firm History

1900 – Walk C. Jones, Sr. started The Office of Walk C. Jones Architect.

1904 – Walk C. Jones, Sr. entered a partnership with Max Furbringer creating Jones and Furbringer Architects.

1935 – Walk C. Jones, Jr. joined the firm; Max Furbringer left the firm, name changed to Walk Jones and Walk Jones, Jr. Architects.

1940’s – Walk C. Jones Sr. retired, name changed to The Offices of Walk C. Jones Jr.

1959 – Francis Mah joined the firm.

1961 – Walk C. Jones, III joined the firm.

1966 – Walk C. Jones, III and Francis Mah became the managing principals of the firm, name changed to Walk Jones, Mah, Jones Architects, Inc., later to be changed to Walk Jones + Francis Mah, Inc.

1986 – Walk Jones + Francis Mah, Inc. merged with Yeates Gaskill and Rhodes forming the firm of Jones, Mah, Gaskill, and Rhodes, Inc. or JMGR.

2001 – JMGR merged with TRO/The Ritchie Organization.

2006 – TRO/The Ritchie Organization merged with Jung|Brannen creating TRO Jung|Brannen.

2011 – The Memphis office of TRO Jung|Brannen purchased the Tennessee Corporation to become brg3s architects.

Other Significant Dates

1909 – Completed Snowden Elementary School.  The school is still in use today.  Memphis, TN

1909 – Completed Administration Building at Southwestern College, later renamed Rhodes College in 1984. The building still is in use today. Memphis, TN

1923 – Completed Shrine Building – Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The Shrine Building was originally built in 1923 and formerly served as the headquarters of Al Chymia Shrine. The 14-story building was renovated to apartments in 1981 and has recently been converted into condominiums. “This is without a doubt, one of the finest examples of neo-classical architecture anywhere in the United States,” developer Henry Turley said.  Memphis, TN

1924 – Claridge Hotel – Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.  With views of the Mississippi River, it was once a major center for social gatherings and business in Downtown Memphis.  Memphis, TN

1924 – Shelby County Criminal Courts and Jail – Memphis, TN

1929 – Federal Reserve Bank – In 2000, TRO Jung|Brannen renovated the original building to house an urban school for children.  The project received numerous awards.

1937 – Memphis Municipal Airport – Now called Memphis International Airport.  The original building is still used today as an executive terminal.  Memphis, TN

1950 – Commissioned to design the Baptist Memorial Hospital.  Memphis, TN

1955 – Completed the Baptist Memorial Hospital, a hospital that at one time was the largest hospital in the United States.

1965 – Liberty Bowl Stadium

1967 – Southern College of Optometry – Located in the heart of the Medical District in Memphis, the building is an icon of modern design.  Memphis, TN

1987 – Holiday Inn Corporate Headquarters, Memphis, TN

1993 – Firm enters China Market

1995 – Shanghai East Hospital in completed.  The firm’s first freestanding hospital in China. Shanghai, China

2000 – Firm completes Tianjin Children’s Hospital a 500-bed pediatric teaching hospital in Tianjin, China.

2002 – Firm completes Tiajin Eye Hospital a 300,000 SF specialty integrated inpatient and outpatient hospital in Tianjin, China.

2006 – Firm completed First Teaching Hospital in Chendu, China. An 800,000 SF teaching Hospital for Sichuan University of Medical Science.

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