Buildings are architectural solutions. Architecture is both a process and a solution. And even though the solution is our goal, it is the process of reaching that goal that makes all the difference. At brg3s we provide more than just a solution for our clients. Our approach to the process of architecture involves the collaboration of client, user, planner, architect, engineer, and builder to understand, explore and organize every facet of a project. Through the process all participants become engaged in how each facet is addressed in any given solution.

In music when dissonance becomes consonance it is called resolution. In architecture when seemingly disparate facets of a project are brought together into a final design it is also resolution.

At brg3s we don’t just seek a solution, we seek resolution.


There is only so much, so how we use what is left is very important. Sustainability is the term we use in architecture to describe reducing the impact of our designs on the environment by being smart about using what is left. How we use the land, what materials we use, how much we reduce energy use and how adaptable our designs are for future use are factors considered throughout the design process. If we can slow down, stop or even reverse the impact of architecture on the environment, there will be more for future generations.

At brg3s we are good stewards in using what is left.


Collaboration is the essence of our work and the foundation of our process. It expands perspectives which lead to resolution. True collaboration only exists in environments where trust is nurtured. Trust brings comfort.

At brg3s we challenge ourselves and our clients to get comfortable.


Solutions are never predetermined, and no two problems are ever alike. But problems are not roadblocks; they are often the genesis of new ideas. So the road from problem to resolution is a constantly evolving network of variables. Our success stems from the entanglement of those variables, for at the intersections are where ideas are born.

At brg3s we stop at intersections.


When circumstances seem to go just right, it is said that things just click. Working through multi-faceted, complex issues in architecture usually requires a combination of hard work, intelligence and experience, and finding resolution can take time, but occasionally things just click.

At brg3s we bring hard work, intelligence and experience but we also listen for the click.